Intellectual property
High Mark’s Intellectual Property Team is High Mark’s longest standings. Intellectual property development and enforcement, both as a patent agent and as a legal ad for IP business development, has long been a priority for High Mark, having brought into its fold experienced IP lawyers to provide customers with expert IP management. IP market and IP policy related legal service.

 Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution
With regards to intellectual property infringement investigation and remedies, High Mark has successfully acted both as plaintiff and defendant into consultations, litigations and arbitrations to successfully resolve patent, trademark, copyright and business secret infringement dispute.

 Intellectual Property Perennial Counsel
High Mark’s Intellectual Property Team provides Consultation on IP issues including :conducting due diligence; providing effective intellectual property protection programs; helping clients apply their intellectual property rights, registration; developing an intellectual property  portfolio management strategy; developing a strategic intellectual property protection system; assisting in the handling and development of new technology; researching and analyzing intellectual property information. 

 Intellectual Property Strategy planning
High Mark supplies services on patent analysis about client’s industry and their opponents’; due diligence on clients’ intellectual property; protection analysis on product infringement; provides professional suggestion and proposal on drafting and carrying out the intellectual property strategy. 

 Patent &Trademark Agent
High Mark acts as the client’s agent for patent and trademark applications, re-examination, invalidation, registration of copyrights and Well-known Trademarks, registration of computer software, products and software company recognition, as well as the archival filling of intellectual property with customs.

 Intellectual Property License
In the areas of technology transfer and licensing consulting services, High Mark is experienced in drafting assisting clients with registration, and resolving intellectual property disputes; dealing with the matters on M&A, contributions and pledge of intellectual property.

 High-tech Enterprise Application 
High Mark can represent clients when applying for the license for national high technology enterprise and various types of concessions.