Legal Risk Management of Senior Executives
Senior executives play important roles in the operation and management of enterprises, which may cause high legal risk. High Mark Law Firm incorporates this potential risk to value-added services and provides specific services including but not limited to:

 ● Assisting clients to design internal control system
 ● Assisting clients to improve articles of association, BoD regime, shareholder meeting regime, supervisor regime and some other corporate governance documents
 ● Participating in the great decisions of enterprises and warning the potential legal risks which may affect the decisions
 ● Warning and reporting the potential criminal risks of the business
 ● Providing the training about criminal risks for senior executives
 ● Reporting laws and regulations about senior executive responsibilities timely
 ● Reviewing and summarizing cases about senior executives handled by High Mark Law Firm, and providing clients analysis reports
 ● Establishing risk precaution regimes for clients from different industries