Capital markets
There is no doubt that the driving force behind enterprise survival and development lay in the diversification of financing channels, financial securities and business financing. Today, companies face a great deal of risk related to financing. High Mark’s Finance and Securities Team has years of experience working with investment banks, banks, financial intermediaries and other institution at all different stages of financing. The Finance and Security Team provides expert legal to prevent legal risks.

 Venture Capital
High Mark can provide expert legal assistance with regards to the establishment of venture capital funds, including: legal analysis of investment plan feasibility studies; due diligence; review of equity investment, enterprise structure, corporate governance, and incentive mechanisms; arrangements for withdrawal; drafting and review of venture capital agreements; assisting with registration and approval procedures.

 M&A
High Mark’s Investment and Trade Team has years of experience with both foreign and local M&A and restructure transaction. Clients can utilize this expertise in their M&A and restructure deliberations and agreements, including: designing M&A business structures tailored to specific ownership specifications; assisting with negotiation strategies and execution; providing a legal perspective on prospective liabilities and risks; due diligence; drafting and reviewing requisite legal documents; assisting with registration and approval procedures; supervising delivery of acquisition and restructure papers.

 Private Placement
High Mark has extensive experience with assisting businesses with private financing including creating “business plans” tailored to client’s specifications; assisting and participating in business contracts with investors; negotiation; review of finance agreements, and drafting, review and follow through of private placement transactions.

 Domestic Listing
High Mark has considerable experience in helping companies navigate the local market, including: choosing the market place and listing time; conducting due diligence; drafting legal opinions; acting as liaison between clients and strategic investors; facilitating corporate restructure; helping clients carry out shareholding reform; coordinating with intermediary institutions; issuing IPO project reports, and; assisting companies with all other related legal problems. 

 Overseas Listing
High Mark’s Finance and Securities Team has successfully assisted enterprises develop their overseas market programs. This work has included: drafting resolution documents related to overseas listings; conducting due diligence and issuing due diligence reports; participating in negotiation with institutional investors; drafting and reviewing relevant legal documents; analyzing China specific regulatory issues; providing legal representation; answering listing agencies, and; assisting with all other overseas listing related legal issues.

 OTC markets listing:
Assist corporations in listing on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, and regional markets; assists corporations in asset stripping, corporate restructuring, and share structure reformation; provide solutions for legal issues that corporations run into during the process of listing on new tertiary board and regional markets; coordinate and cooperate with other intermediaries in corporate listing; and issues lawyer reports for listing.

 Banking
High Mark’s Finance and Securities teams can expertly assist clients with all banking and legal services including: financial and non-financial institution compliance reviews; drafting or amending to standardized bank document; referrals to banks; advising on corporate debt financing transactions; providing all other relevant professional legal advice.