Equity Incentive
The demand of equity incentive service is increasing, and High Mark Law Firm can provide legal services including but not limited to:

 ● Conducting legal due diligence about equity incentive, and analyzing the historic and current framework of equities, clarifying the objective of equity incentive
 ● Based on the specific condition of enterprises, designing and assessing the equity incentive plan
 ● Drafting, checking and revising equity incentive reports including partnership agreements, dividend rights agreements, etc.
 ● Assisting clients to establish internal supervisory system, and drafting and revising the regimes about the equity incentive
 ● Assisting clients setting up the stocks pool
 ● Witnessing contract signatures between enterprises and employees
 ● According to various conditions and the demands of enterprises, assisting enterprises to revise the equity incentive project, such as performance index, scope of the equity incentive, share/amount of equity and the pattern of equity incentive  
 ● Drafting, checking and revising the relevant supporting documents